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Reimbursement Resources

Cleaner claims help reduce the risk of Medicare payment denials and delays. The following tools provide coverage information for Medicare and Medicaid nutrition policies. Medicare billing resources are provided to help support the claim process.


Template Letters for Medical Necessity
Selection of letters for Nestlé products with proposed payer language to document product use


Medicare Part B Guidelines For Enteral Nutrition
Basic information pertaining to Medicare Part B enteral nutrition coverage

Medicare Policy Changes on Payment for Hospital Acquired Conditions
Overview to Medicare limits on paying for select conditions acquired during hospitalization

General Reimbursement Information by Payer
Basic policy information for Medicare, Medicaid, private payers, and WIC


Sample Documentation Checklist for Enteral Reimbursement
Provides an overview of documents and information required for Medicare enteral nutrition reimbursement submission

Medicare Part B Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition Products
HCPCS codes for Nestlé enteral products

Nestlé Health Science Product Code Cross Reference
UPCs, NDC-Format, Product Codes, and HCPCS for Nestlé institutional and retail products


Enteral nutrition policies regarding tube feeding and oral supplements for adults and children vary from state to state. When a Managed Medicaid program is being utilized, the payer responsible for the program may provide additional benefits. When there is a benefit policy in place, most policies require that there is a documented medical need for the therapy.

For further information on your state specific enteral nutrition policy go to For information on a Managed Medicaid program, contact the commercial payer’s benefit manager for specific coverage and payment information.

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