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For over 50 years, Carnation Breakfast Essentials® has nourished families with essential nutrients to help start the day right.


  • Always Nutrient-Packed: With protein and 21 essential vitamins & minerals
  • Great Taste: Breakfast drinks that promise to deliver a delicious, kid-approved taste
  • Quick & Easy: Convenient breakfast nutritional drinks on-the-go, as par of breakfast or between meals


Carnation Breakfast Essentials® provides delicious, nutrient-packed drinks to help growing kids and teens get the essential nutrition they need to start the day right.

A child's diet helps them to meet their daily nutritional needs. Yet, according to the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans, children and adolescents are not consistently eating the recommended servings of major food groups, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains and dairy foods, making them susceptible to nutrient gaps. In fact, 90% of children (ages 4-18) fall short of meeting dietary needs for one or more key nutrients.*


CBE Original


Packed with 10-13 g protein plus 21 vitamins and minerals per [prepared] serving

CBE High Protein

High Protein

Packed with 10-13 g protein plus 21 vitamins and minerals per [prepared] serving

CBE Licensed Flavors

Licensed Flavors

Delicious flavors packed with the same protein, vitamins & minerals as our Original drink



Average percentage of individuals (ages 4–18) with usual dietary intake below the EAR (Estimated Average Requirement) or AI (Adequate Intake): Vitamin D 90%, Potassium 90%, Choline 90%, Vitamin E 85%, Vitamin K 70%, Calcium 50%. Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Appendix E-2.1.

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