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Modular Supplements

Modular supplements are specialized nutritional components designed to be used as building blocks in customizing nutrition support for patients. These supplements contain specific nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, in concentrated forms, and are particularly useful in addressing unique nutrition needs and optimizing patient care.

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The Role of Modular Supplements in Patient Care

Modular supplements can be very useful in patient care as they offer healthcare professionals a flexible and precise way to address varying nutritional needs. These specialized nutritional components can be individually adjusted to create personalized nutrition regimens, ensuring that patients receive the specific nutrients required to support their individual health conditions and needs. Whether used to fortify enteral nutrition formulas or to augment oral diets, modular supplements enhance the ability to optimize patient nutrition and promote recovery.

With the variety of modular supplements offered by Nestlé Health Science, healthcare professionals can support the tailoring of personalized nutrition plans to meet the specific needs of individuals, ultimately enhancing patient care and promoting optimal health outcomes. 

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