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Oral Nutrition Supplements

For patients who are unable to meet their nutrient needs from food alone, oral nutrition supplements (ONS) can help. Often found in liquid or powder  form, patients take oral nutrition supplements in addition to their regular diet to help meet their individual nutrition needs and support their health goals.  

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Types of Oral Nutrition Supplements

Nestlé Health Science offers a range of oral nutrition supplements, including standard supplements, high-calorie supplements, high-protein supplements, and supplements designed to support medical nutrition therapy goals for specific conditions. Standard supplements provide a variety of macro- and micronutrients that may be difficult to get from diet alone, while high-calorie supplements provide more energy-dense nutrition supplement options. Additional formats include high-protein supplements, which contain extra protein to support immune function and recovery from illness or injury, as well as disease-specific supplements which are tailored to certain patient populations, like those living with diabetes or cancer.

Standard ONS

Supplemental nutrition for people at risk for malnutrition or undernutrition.

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High-Calorie ONS

Energy-dense supplements to promote weight gain or weight maintenance. 

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High-Protein ONS

Protein-rich formulas to help support lean body mass, immune function and wound healing. 

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Condition-Specific ONS

Formulated to meet certain nutrient needs for various disease states and conditions.

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The Role of Oral Nutrition Supplements in Patient Care

Oral nutrition supplements are an important nutrition strategy to help patients maintain or gain weight, recover from illness or injury and get critical macro- and micronutrients to support overall health. If a patient needs additional calories, protein, or other nutrients beyond the foods they normally eat, and the patient is able to swallow food normally, then a healthcare professional may recommend an oral nutrition supplement. Use of oral nutrition supplements may help improve patient outcomes.1,2

Nestlé Health Science offers a range of oral nutrition supplements in a variety of formats, from clear to thick liquids, to powders and pudding-like desserts.  There are many flavor options that patients can enjoy, providing balanced nutrition in each serving, or supporting nutrient needs of a specific disease state or condition.