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Whey better nutrition starts with Peptamen®

Better absorption. Better tolerance. Better nutrition.

Designed to deliver superior nutrition to your Gl-impaired patients, our tube feeding formulas are the ONLY peptide-based formulas that feature 100% whey protein, for better tolerance and absorption, for better nutrition.

The Peptamen® Difference

All our formulas are nutritionally complete and peptide-based, designed to deliver superior tolerance and absorption, backed by more than 70 studies showing improved outcomes in the nutritional management of patients with Gl conditions.

What Make Us Unique?

100% Whey Protein

Peptamen® Formulas are the ONLY tube feeding formulas with hydrolyzed 100% whey protein. Whey is fast-acting, meaning it is emptied quickly by the stomach and then absorbed more efficiently in the small intestine.


Our formulas provide the highest percentage of di and tri peptides compared to other peptide-based formulas, making them more readily absorbed than free amino acids or larger peptides and intact protein, promoting efficient nitrogen absorption.

Higher Ratio of MCT

The fat in our formulas is made up of 50-70% medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), easily absorbed and used quickly as an energy source. No other peptide-based formulas contain a higher ratio of MCT:LCT than Peptamen® formulas.

Experience and Evidence

It's the ONLY family of peptide-based formulas with greater than 35 years of successful experience and over 70 clinical studies supporting improved outcomes in GI-impaired patients. Peptamen® is trusted, proven and prescribed by healthcare professionals.

Meet the Peptamen® Family of Tube Feeding Formulas

Delivering the RIGHT Nutrition
Delivering the RIGHT Nutrition
Delivering the RIGHT Nutrition
All our formulas are the ONLY tube-feeding formulas made with hydrolyzed 100% whey protein, smaller peptides and a high percentage of MCT fat. They are designed to deliver complete nutrition that is well-tolerated, easy to absorb, and digest for your Gl-impaired patients.
Compleat Original Formulas
Peptamen® Formulas
For adults and older children
(age 14+) with GI impairment.
Compleat Organic Blends
Peptamen Junior® Formulas
For children ages 1-13
with GI impairment.

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