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Peptamen® is the ONLY peptide-based formula made with 100% whey protein. 

Prescribed by healthcare professionals for over 35 years.

All Peptamen® and Peptamen® Junior formulas are specially made with ingredients optimally designed to drive excellent absorption and tolerance for those who need it most, your GI-impaired patients.

Our formulas are the only peptide-based formulas made with enzymatically hydrolyzed 100% whey protein, a high-quality protein containing a high level of branched chain amino acids to support muscle synthesis for tissue growth and repair.

Peptamen® is the ONLY family of peptide-based formulas backed by over 35 years of clinical experience and more than 70 studies showing improved tolerance, absorption, and outcomes in the nutritional management of patients with GI conditions.


What Makes Peptamen® Unique?


Peptamen Whey Protein

100% Whey Protein

Facilitates gastric emptying and supports muscle synthesis for tissue growth and repair

Peptamen Whey Protein

Smaller Peptides

The highest percentage of di- and tri-peptides which are more readily absorbed than free amino acids or larger peptides and intact protein, promoting efficient nitrogen absorption

Peptamen Whey Protein

High Percentage of MCT

50%-70% MCT helps facilitate fat absorption which supports formula tolerance

Peptamen Whey Protein

Backed by Science, Experience & Evidence

Prescribed by healthcare professionals and supported by evidence for over 35 years


Delivering the RIGHT Nutrition


Peptamen Formulaspeptamen junior formulas

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