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Meal Replacement Products

Meal replacement products are specially formulated dietary alternatives that provide a controlled and balanced source of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These products are designed to replace traditional meals, supporting patients in achieving calorie restriction and weight loss goals while ensuring they receive essential nutrients. 

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The Role of Meal Replacement Products in Patient Care


Meal replacement products offer a convenient and structured approach to caloric reduction, making them valuable tools in obesity management and promoting healthier dietary choices. These specially formulated products offer portion control and balanced nutrition, making it easier for patients to reduce calorie intake while ensuring they receive essential nutrients.

Under proper medical supervision, meal replacement products are a key component of comprehensive weight management and meal replacement programs, helping obese individuals to rapidly reduce caloric intake. This approach can be motivating for patients, facilitate significant weight loss1, and can help reduce blood glucose levels.2,3

At Nestlé Health Science, we collaborate with key opinion leaders, healthcare providers, and researchers to develop tailored programs, products, and meal replacements that empower patients to achieve lasting results and improved overall health.

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