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Supporting the Feeding of Patients during COVID-19

Re-introducing on-site visits, strictly adhering to your evolving policies and Nestlé’s 150-year commitment to health and safety.


Our Guiding Principles

Prioritize the safety of people above all else. We will always act in the best interest of our employees, customers, and partners to assure the health and safety of employees, patients, and consumers.
Follow a thorough set of safety protocols before any visit including specific customer policies; state, local, and CDC guidance; Nestlé guiding principles; and credentialing partner requirements.
Remain nimble and adapt to our customers’ needs. The timing for on-site engagement will vary by customer and geography, so we’re prepared to be flexible.


How we’ve prepared our sales force for a safe return

Protecting our customers and our sales representatives by providing PPE and health screening resources.

Instituting social distancing training across the sales force.

Providing our sales team with up-to-date training and best practices related to CDC and other health experts’ guidelines.


How we’ve equipped our team to engage virtually when needed

Offering virtual tools, resources, and educational webinars for customers.

Providing customers with the latest education and best practice resources.

Utilizing technology solutions for remote collaboration with customers, including video conferencing.