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Let’s Talk Preoperative Nutrition Optimization: Scoping Review from JACS

Taught by
Paul E. Wischmeyer MD, EDIC, FCCM, FASPEN
Paul E. Wischmeyer MD, EDIC, FCCM, FASPEN
Professor of Anesthesiology and Surgery - Duke University
Thomas K. Varghese Jr.
Thomas K. Varghese Jr. MD, MS, MBA, FACS
Section Chief-General Thoracic Surgery University of Utah

About this Webinar

• Identify five nutritional interventions for pre-surgery patients mentioned in the scoping review published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons (JACS)
• List the two clinical outcomes most frequently measured in response to preoperative nutrition optimization
• Describe the 'Take-Away' points meant to guide the practice decisions of general surgeons