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Fertility Support at Your Patient's Fingertips

A patented digital platform is a virtual concierge service, available 24/7 to support a patient through every step of the fertility journey.

Backed by the latest research, Fertilligence offers integrative lifestyle modification programs, personalized nutrition recommendations, emotional support, and essential tools to support patient path to parenthood.

Want to know more?

Why FertilligenceTM?

We have worked with Reproductive Health Experts from top Academic Medical Centers in the US and Canada to bring the solution that matters

No cost to clinic

And discounted pricing for your referred patients

Continuity of care for your patients

A place that you and your patients can trust for information and support between the visits

Access to patient progress data

Real-time individual data through web-based portal. Monthly engagement and patient satisfaction reports

No hassle clinic set up and patient onboarding

Activation within 48 hours upon signing agreements. Patient onboarding is done through a user-friendly website

Benefits to Patients

FertilligenceTM offers 11 lifestyle modification pillars that can be woven into patient everyday routine to become a strong support system. From morning to night, we will keep them empowered to make lifestyle choices that can improve their chances for conception, such as:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Optimizing nutrition
  • Choosing an appropriate exercise program
  • Improving the quality and length of sleep
  • Eliminating fertility-damaging toxins from environment
  • Managing the emotional roller coaster of the fertility journey
  • Reducing stress level
  • Strengthening connection with partner
  • Researching common vitamins and minerals based on existing scientific evidence
  • Maintaining hydration level
  • Tracking ovulation (for female) and sperm count (for male)

How Does It Work?

  • Onboarding health and wellness questionnaires
  • Research based content, classes, and recommendations tailored to multiple conditions (e.g., Generally Healthy; M: Low T, ED, Semen abnormalities, Prostate issues; F: Endo, PCOS, POI, IVF, Multiple miscarriages, Low Progesterone)
  • Personalized recipes and meal plans based on patient food sensitivities and preferences
  • Condition specific supplement guidelines based on up-to-date research by industry KOLs
  • Unlimited messaging with Fertility Coaches and Nutritionists
  • 1:1, group live sessions and prerecorded classes with Fertility Coaches, Nutritionists, Fitness Coaches
  • Food Diary, Activity Tracker, Weight & BMI tracker, daily progress tracking along 11 FertilligenceTM pillars
  • Patient support groups
  • FDA approved at-home ovulation and sperm test kits